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Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 12.10.2020:

… A brilliant Queen of the Night: Vanessa Waldhart
(…) Also in Lauchstädt the Queen of the Night is an attraction: Vanessa Waldhart has a cold furor and piercing brilliance for her. Her vocal arrowheads even touched festival director Edda Moser…

Das Opernmagazin, 15.10.2020:

… The young, award-winning soprano Vanessa Waldhart, who has been a member of Opera Halle since 2018/19, appeared in a blue dress with black hair as the Queen of the Night and complained to Tamino her sorrow in her aria “O zittre nicht” with small gestures, safe and tender in the high notes. Waldhart sang the pitifully recited words “ach helft” with crystal clear, certain high notes. Waldhart, who mastered even the most difficult passages with apparent effortlessness, also mastered the coloratura in “Du wirst der Tochter Retter sein” with the greatest of ease.

Vanessa Waldhart as Queen of the Night asked her daughter Pamina to kill Sarastro, her furious aria “Der Hölle Rache” sounded intense, excellent up to the high notes, in a complete frenzy, when she raised her knife threateningly.

Agilea – Handel: Teseo, October 2020, Opera Halle

Photocredits: Falk Wenzel

klassik-begeistert, 02.10.2020:

… Vanessa Waldhart sounds the lyrical and expressive arias of her Medea from 1958 with her brightly shining youthful soprano out. With her beautiful voice she leaves the confines of here servant apron from the late Adenauer era behind.

Neue Musikzeitung, 04.10.2020:

… Like Jason, Vanessa Waldhart as Medea 1958 has the opportunity to shine with her performance half a dozen times with baroque agility and emotions.





Oscar – Verdi: Un ballo in maschera, September 2019, Opera Halle

Photocredits: Anna Kolata

 Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 30.09.19:

Vanessa Waldhart with beguiling coloraturas…

Cleopatra – Handel: Julius Cäsar in Ägypten, June 2019, Opera Halle

Photocredits: Falk Wenzel

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 03.06.19:

…Cleopatra performed by Vanessa Waldhart with great potential in acting and singing

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.06.19

…Vanessa Waldhart sings it lovely delightful

Neue Musikzeitung, 02.06.19

Unrivalled is Vanessa Waldhart: Lolita in the Middle East also shows vocally hybrid territorial claims., 02.06.19

Vanessa Waldhart not only enchants visually as Cleopatra. Also vocally she shines with a soprano voice as clear as a bell, which works out the complexity of this figure in all nuances of the individual arias. So at the beginning she shows herself absolutely confident and sure of victory about dethroning her brother and capturing Caesar with her feminine charms. In a tight bikini she also inspires with a split. In the second act she becomes a victim of her feelings and realizes that she has really fallen in love with Caesar. So when she believes her lover has died and she is being imprisoned by her brother she portrays her downfall very emotional., 01.06.19

…she plays with all vocal and physical charms…

Queen of the Night – Mozart: The Magic Flute, February 2019, Theatre Chemnitz

Photocredits: Nasser Hashemi

Sächsische Zeitung, 04.02.19

The Queen of the Night, Vanessa Waldhart, exposed in acting and brilliant in her coloraturas, appears as rock diva.

Kleine Zeitung, 05.02.19

…while the Queen of the Night – outstanding Vanessa Waldhart from Tyrol – rages as a cruel fury…

Theaterförderverein-Chemnitz, 03.02.19

Vanessa Waldhart created her two arias with brilliance and great agility…

Bastienne – Mozart: Bastien und Bastienne, Novembre 2018, Opera Halle

Photocredits: Falk Wenzel, 27.11.18

In Mozart’s “Bastien and Bastienne” especially Vanessa Waldhart stands out with her warm, lightly and flexibly led soprano which is perfect for this lyric part.

MDR Kultur, 25.11.18

Vanessa Waldhart is an eye catcher as Bastienne. She sings the part with a small, fine voice and really convinces in the terms of character-painting…

Neue Musikzeitung

Robert Sellier and Vanessa Waldhart acting with an absence of difficulty which suits perfectly to the music…

Queen of the Night – Mozart: The Magic Flute, April 2018, Nationaltheatre Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Photocredits: Miso Prodanovic, 19.04.18

The Austrian soprano, Vanessa Waldhart attracted notice and obtained the sympathy of the audience.

Queen of the Night – Mozart: The Magic Flute, March 2018, Castle theatre Schönbrunn Vienna

Photocredits: Barbara Pálffy

Kultur und Wein, 22.03.18

…in the coloraturas of the Queen of the Night (fascinating accurate: Vanessa Lisa Waldhart)…

Blonde – Mozart: The Abduction from the Seraglio, August 2017, Schlossoper Haldenstein, Switzerland

Photocredits: Marco Hartmann

Bündner Tagblatt, 07.08.17

…Vanessa Lisa Waldhart convinced as Blonde from the beginning, she ostensively masters every technical problem, hands down: a pleasure…

Opera World, 27.10.17

…very accurately also the duo of Vanessa Lisa Waldhart (Blonde) and Michael Chacewicz (Pedrillo), fresh, significant voices. The young Austrian soprano and the Polish tenor were ever-present and confident in each vocal performance…